College Counseling Office - September Update

Updates, News, and Information regarding the college admission and application process


  1. The dogs days of summer are over and fall has officially begun! First, I hope that you and your families were able to remain safe during Hurricane Irma and have started the process of cleaning up and getting back into your normal routines. As a native of Western New Yorker, I have shoveled my way out of a few Blizzards, but this was my first experience in preparing for and dealing with a Hurricane. I am grateful for our community here at Baldwin and also all of the help, support, and advice I received from caring neighbors and family members during this past week. I also wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone who worked hard to prepare the campus (and VPAC) to open for the ACT exam yesterday. Due to your efforts, we were able to provide the opportunity for a number of our local students to sit for an important college entrance exam. Now that the storm has passed, I am eager to get back to the work of helping our students navigate college selection process...
  2. Class of 2018 - Seniors!!!!
  3. Here are 5 things that you should be this month to help glide you through the college process:

    1. Complete your college essay and all supplement questions/essays
    2. Complete your Common Application and link to Naviance
    3. Discuss your application options with Mr. Yager... Should you be applying Early Decision, Early Action?
    4. Asking (2) teachers for your college recommendation letters in person before Sept. 15th
    5. Attend College Visits here at Baldwin and schedule interviews when schools visit Puerto Rico
  4. College Board (PAA) Exam Update:

    Seniors who are considering applying to any colleges/universities here in Puerto Rico should sign up and take the College Board PAA exam on Oct. 19th. We will be hosting the exam here on campus during the school day. Due to the Hurricane and other technical issues, the deadline to register online was extended until Sept. 15th. Interested students should register and pay for the exam ($50) online ASAP
  5. October 1st

  6. Mark your calendars! October 1st is a big day for a number of reasons...

    1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) officially opens for business. I highly recommend filing your FAFSA as soon as possible.
    2. The CSS/Financial Aid Profile officially opens for business, which is required by some (not all) colleges and universities as part of your financial aid application
    3. Students should add teacher requests in Naviance before this date
    4. Students should notify the College Counseling Office (via e-mail) if they intend to apply to any schools through early application options.
    5. All early application materials should be completed and your Colleges I'm applying to list updated in Naviance
  7. Juniors - Class of 2019

    Mark your calendars - I will be hosting a College Counseling Presentation on Tuesday, September 26th @ 6pm in the VPAC.

    As a reminder... when we met in Advisory a couple of weeks ago I asked you to do a couple of things to get you focused on the college process... here were those requests:
  8. 1. Complete Gameplan Survey in Naviance
    2. Follow @Baldwin2College on Instagram and Twitter for updates
    3. Explore the Supermatch program in Naviance
    4. Stop by the College Counseling Office and tell me something awesome you did this past summer
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