LBJ Tweets #TribuneFest

LBJers were out in force at the Texas Tribune's third annual Tribune Festival. And now that the excitement is over, we've gathered together our Top 10 LBJ student tweets from the festival.


  1. LBJers were out in force at the Texas Tribune's third annual Tribune Festival!
  2. And a shoutout to @brownfv, whom we forgive for having to leave early. =]

    Both the LBJ School and the Baines Report hit some tweeting milestones.
  3. And now that the festival is over, we've combed over some of our favorite tweets -- and settled on our Top 10! These tweets run the gamut, from policy-related panelist quotes to pictures of LBJers rubbing elbows with bigwigs to snarky one-liners. Take a look!
  4. Number 10: Baines quotes Rep. Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock), on Texas' low voter turnout.
  5. Number 9: Justin Sykes hears Lt. Gov. Dewhurst getting feisty.
  6. Number 8: Gene Vela is seeing the MGPS program everywhere.
  7. Number 7: Baines quotes Texas Immigration Solution's Brad Bailey laying out his conservative credentials.
  8. Number 6: Kaitlin Sharkey tweets Dewhurst's steely resolve against a blue Texas.
  9. Number 5: Jesse Tow wants to put the "Question" back in "Question & Answer."
  10. Number 4: Justin Sykes gets his picture taken with Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, Greg Abbott!
  11. Number 3: Baines tweets Rep. Marisa Marquez (D-El Paso) on how some officials try to play it safe.
  12. Number 2: Jesse Tow's #TribuneFest tweeting is interrupted by... well, take a look for yourself.
  13. Number 1: LBJers coming together.