How Lying About Your Ability to Pay New Jersey Bail Bonds Can Make Things Worse


  1. You should never lie about your ability to pay a New Jersey bail bond amount. To illustrate this point, you have to look no further than the 2012 arrest of George Zimmerman in Florida. Zimmerman received support from people all over the country who thought he was innocent of the charges he was being accused of. Over $100,000 was donated to Zimmerman and his wife to support him during his trial.
  2. But, during the bond hearing, the Zimmermans hid that amount from the judge presiding over the case. The judge set the bail amount at $150,000, not knowing that the Zimmermans had that amount handy.
  3. Because of that, things got even worse for Zimmerman. In a story written by CNN in July of 2012, it was explained that, because of his deceit, the bond amount was raised to $1,000,000. He was still able to pay 10% of the amount by hiring a bail bond agency and go free until his trial – but if he skipped his trial, he would then owe the rest of the $1,000,000.
  4. Things became worse for him in more than just a financial way. Since he hid the money from the judge, it led to suspicions that he was going to flee the country and avoid trial. He would have been able to pay the full bail amount easily with the donated money and quickly leave the country. But, he also could have just ran away with all the donations. His intention can never be proven either way but his deceit led to suspicions about his character and what other deceitful actions he might have tried.
  5. Because of the deceit, more restrictions were applied to his time “free” from jail before his trial. As written in the CNN story, he had to now report to officials every 2 days, be home everyday from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM, could not open or maintain a bank account, apply for a passport, or be on the premises of an airport. And, he still had to be monitored electronically.
  6. This same thing can – and will – happen in New Jersey if you lie about your ability to pay a certain Bail Bond New Jersey amount. Bail bonds are not designed to keep you in jail – with exceptions. They’re designed to allow you to enjoy your freedom until you’ve been proven guilty in a court of law – until your court date. They are constitutionally set at an amount that you can afford (sometimes with the help of a bail bond agency) but an amount that will keep you from fleeing and skipping your trial.
  7. Don’t make matters worse for yourself by hiding funds or assets that you can use to pay the bail bond amount. In the end, you’ll just lose more freedom and it can only make you look worse for your upcoming trial.