where can i get cheap insurance

where can i get cheap insurancewhere can i get cheap insurance


  1. where can i get cheap insurance
  2. where can i get cheap insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEDEALS.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Gieco insurance rate?
  6. Ok I got a auto quote and I lied on the online form I said I have no tickets and car crashes.I do have some Im 18 years old And If I chose this company will they find the tickets? I did give my social number.
  7. "My parents are looking for affordable health insurance, they want to retire any suggestions?"
  8. My mother is 57, my Dad is 61, any suggestions?"
  9. How much would it cost me to get motor bike insurance?
  10. I am thinking of getting a motor bike since the cost of insuring a car is just too high. I'm 18 and male and was wondering roughly how much I could expect to pay for insurance on a 125cc if I do my CBT. Oh and I live in the Uk... which will hike the price up a bit
  11. What car for First car with cheap insurance?
  12. im 17 and i want to get one of the following cars for my 1st car Vauxhall Corsa C 1.2l/Ford Fiesta zetec (Mk6)/volkswagen golf 1.4L (mk4) and my budget is 1200 and i want a car with cheap insurance and how much will i have to pay and can i pay monthly
  13. How much would Car insurance cost per month for a new teen driver driving a sport car?
  14. I might get a Honda Prelude or a Honda Civic and a prelude is more sportish than a civic. But how much would it cost for car insurance per month for either cars ?
  15. Health and life insurance the same?
  16. I am looking for insurance for my family. I would like to know if health insurance and life insurance plans are the same or not?
  17. Car Insurance?
  18. If i put a body kit on my car, does my insurance go up? Im a male aged 17."
  19. Can you have auto insurance without a car?
  20. I recently had my car repossessed and with the amount the finance company was asking I could not afford to get it back. I am wanting to know if you can have insurance without having a vehicle listed on the policy? I occasionally drive my partners vehicle and I need to have insurance and I do not want to terminate my current policy I am with Nationwide Insurance
  21. Im thinking about buying this car how much would the insurance and monthly bills cost me ?
  22. i want to buy this car im just curius how much do you guys think the insurance would cost me and how much i would have to put down the 1st month and also how much i would probably have to pay off the loan every month ? i am 19 years old unemployed and have no credit history but my parents are gonna get me a car for christmas !:D yay here's the car  http://www.mdcardealers.com/vehicle_listings.php?make=Chevrolet&range=2&model=Impala&year_opt=new&year=&x=112&y=14 
  23. How much does it cost on average to run a car a year?
  24. I'm learning to drive and have no idea how much it will cost to run a car when i've passed. Obviously i know the answer is different for everybody but could you give me an idea? I'm hoping to get something small like a KA, will be using it mostly to get to work which is 2 miles each way, i'm 27 so what will insurance costs be? at the moment i'm spending 100 a month on lessons, and 60 a month to get to work. Is it likely to cost more than this a month on running a car, paying insurance etc? Thanks"
  25. How Much Would My Car Insurance Be?