Women's Cycle Forum Scotland launch

Taking their inspiration from cycle campaigner colleagues in the USA, Suzanne Forup and Sally Hinchliffe founded the Women's Cycle Forum in Edinburgh in 2014. After a series of events in 2014 and 2015, the Forum launched as a membership organisation on 11 June 2016.


  1. We were delighted that London-based cycle style blogger Jools Walker and adventure cyclist, Lee Craigie, were able to join us for the launch, inspiring the audience with their own cycle stories
  2. Lee wowed the crowd with the Adventure Syndicate teaser film of the NorthCoast 500 ride, showcasing the strength, endurance and and resilience of women cyclists - you can catch the film in the tweet below
  3. Jools talked passionately about her own journey to cycling, both the barriers to biking and the inspiration that got her back on two wheels
  4. Obviously the need to explore your cycling identity leads to the purchasing of a number of bicycles.. more seriously, Jools highlighted what we know but many policy makers, cycling professionals and clothing companies don't seem to - women are all different! 'Female cyclists' are not a homogeneous group..
  5. Many of us were familiar with the #allmalepanel issue plaguing industry conferences around the world, and cycling is no different. Equally frustrating is the token woman scenario, where one lone woman is expected or presumed to speak on behalf of all of us; Jools pointed out that, unlike Chaka Khan, she isn't 'every woman'
  6. Around the UK women were following the launch online, the highlights resonating with many...
  7. Many were inspired by Jools encouraging us all to be agents of change, as individuals or as part of organisations like Adventure Syndicate or Women's Cycle Forum Scotland
  8. As well as hearing from our two fabulous speakers, we encouraged everyone to tell us what they thought the Forum should be doing - now, soon and later. It looks like we'll have plenty of work to do..
  9. It seems that the launch provided inspiration and food for thought, as well as the opportunity for some to meet their sheros!