Teaching Baby to Go to Sleep Without Help

Babies need to be put to bed when they are still awake, so they can learn how to fall asleep without help.


  1. Are you trying to get baby to sleep, but he or she seems to be fighting you every step of the way? This is a common complaint of parents, yet there are many things moms and dads can do to help the little one drift off. First and foremost, parents need to understand why babies are doing this. They aren't trying to be difficult, and there are numerous things which could be interfering with their ability to go to sleep. Once parents understand why the child is struggling, changes can be made to help him or her nod off peacefully.

    Why Your Baby Can't Fall Asleep

    Babies often struggle to fall asleep when they are too tired. Have you ever dropped into bed completely exhausted only to find you can't go to sleep? Now imagine your insomniactive.com doing the same thing. He or she cries and fusses when this is the case, because babies can't communicate what the problem is. When babies appear hyper or cranky, it probably means they are overtired. Parents can avoid this issue by putting the child to bed before he or she reaches this state.

    Babies need to be put to bed when they are still awake, so they can learn how to fall asleep without help. If parents get the baby to sleep and then put him or her to bed right away, the child will likely wake up. Teaching them to go to sleep on their own will be of great help over the coming years, especially when the child wakes up in middle of the night.

    Separation anxiety is another thing that may be preventing your child from falling asleep. Children often experience this anxiety around eight months old. Parents can combat this by waiting until the baby is very tired and reminding the child that mom and dad won't leave. With time, the child grasps this concept and goes to sleep without help.

    Training a Baby to Sleep

    With baby sleep training, kids can learn to go to sleep on their own. Parents must put the child to bed while awake and let him or her drift off. If the child cries, return to the room and let the baby see you. Do this a few times, but don't get the child out of bed. Make sure to use a consistent bedtime routine also. When you do this, children learn they must go to sleep once the routine is complete and will do so on their own.

    Parents want their children to be happy and healthy. Adequate sleep is needed to accomplish this goal, which is why parents must show their baby how to fall asleep without help. Doing so also benefits the parents who need a break and rest of their own. Start this process today and results will be seen in a short period of time.