Work in the plant and also the office is becoming more alike with increasing automation.


  1. The work of employees is usually more important and their obligation greater in the most highly automated systems. The jobs themselves are more demanding, speeds of production are higher, an error or a dislocation in the system more costly. In both situations there appear to be increased feelings of pressure and strain.
  2. Findings suggest that at least in the interval right following the brand new equipment begins to work, these jobs provide more challenge, increased opportunities to learn, and greater variety than occupations under less innovative technology. One important difference between the factory and also the office is that while the blue collar worker is frequently being asked to do a broader selection of responsibilities, the predominant tendency for the white collar worker is the opposite.
  3. It would appear that the work fulfillment of both blue collar and white collar employees has changed very little. If any changes have occurred, blue collar workers are more satisfied while white collar workers are much less satisfied with the brand new work environments. The forces which make the jobs in the factory more like office occupations are also making the office jobs more like the factory occupations.
  4. Workers in both the plant and the office are increasingly conscious of how technological changes impact their lives. Blue collar workers have long known that technological change introduces uncertainty in their world. The relatively stable work world of the white collar worker was jarred solidly by the new computer technology. Job displacement or layoffs are things about which more of them now worry.
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