Reunion and Homecoming 2012

The Babson Community gathered for Reunion and Homecoming on September 28 and 29. It was a fun-filled weekend with alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends.

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  1. Lots of excitement to come #backtobabson!

  2. Going to Babson this weekend for Alumni weekend. All my Babson friends should join us
  3. Heading to my first 'Back to Babson' event...but in Dubai ; ) Hope my 2004 vintage OneCard still works (and yes, I still have the original one)!
  4. Back to Babson tomorrow. Whose gonna be there?
  5. Friday, September 28 - the fun begins!

  6. Happy Back to Babson!! We're thrilled to welcome
  7. The Dedication of the John E. and Alice L. Butler Venture Accelerator took place in the Blank Center on Friday afternoon.

  8. Alumni College: Back to the Classroom was a great session on Friday afternoon.