NYC Department of Veterans Services: Best of 2016

DVS hit many milestones this year, including becoming an official agency! Here's an overview of some of our proudest moments from 2016.


  1. #1: DVS signed into law

  2. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed Local Law 113 on the deck of the Intrepid, officially establishing NYC's Department of Veterans Services (DVS) -- NYC's first new agency in almost 20 years and the first major city in the US to have its own city-level agency dedicated solely to veterans.
  3. #2: Building an exceptional team

  4. Building an agency takes times -- and talent! Team DVS grew from 4 people in June 2015 to 29 in December 2016. DVS is proud of its dedicated, compassionate professionals made up of veterans, veteran family members, and civilian "veterans of public service."

  5. #3: Tackling veteran homelessness

  6. Even before DVS became an official agency, Team DVS devoted itself to getting NYC's most vulnerable veterans into safe, permanent housing. Since 2010, NYC reduced veteran homelessness by 90% -- from 5,000 to just under 500.
  7. #4: Start-up government

  8. The words "start-up" and "government" don't often go together - but they do here! DVS is embracing the best of start-up culture to create flexible, efficient, agile work processes, and celebrating the small victories (wireless router! new signage!) along the way.