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TechTalks 2016: Take One

Two slides. Two Minutes. 13 researchers. We learned a lot in under a half hour at the university's first TechTalks, part of an ongoing series in the Michigan Tech Research Forum. The following are highlights from the event.


  1. Dessert first...

  2. Here's what all our speakers took home: an engraved glass and 3-D printed outline of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Being a good speaker has material benefits. And many, many intangible ones.
  3. The TechTalks event is all about making connections. Interdisciplinary is our MO at Michigan Tech and learning about other researchers' work is a key part. No one could write a thesis after the presentations, of course, but it's enough to spark ideas and plant seeds. Hopefully, that leads to powerful proposals, getting the dirt on new techniques, and a new way to walk the talk of research.

  4. Ready, Set, Go!