Our Wonderful Wednesday!

Here's a look at our terrific day!


  1. We really enjoyed welcoming a Kindergarten educator from Dr. Seaton School to our classroom this morning. She got to see how students use the outdoor space, what they share during our meeting time, how our VIP presentations work, and how Mrs. Crockett provokes learning before the students make their choices for the day. Once again, it was great to see all of the literacy skills, math skills, problem solving skills, social skills, and collaboration through play today. It was particularly interesting to follow some students as their skills continue to develop, and see how new interests lead to further opportunities to develop reading and writing skills. We love the newfound confidence in some of our students, and how these children are also taking risks that they haven't taken before. Risk-taking is an important part of learning to read and write, and we love watching these students take safe, but important, risks in different ways.