Our Wonderful Wednesday!

Here's a look at our terrific day!


  1. While, once again, it was great to see all of the literacy skills, math skills, social skills, problem solving skills, and collaboration that made their way into play today, we were especially intrigued by all of the writing that students did today. Our children were definitely using writing as a way to communicate thoughts and messages, and they often coupled words with pictures to ensure that everyone understood their messages. It was great to see students experimenting with various letter-sounds, and even using letter-sounds to create their own make believe words (and read them). Oral rhyming today even resulted in writing lists of rhyming words and even creating silly rhyming phrases. It's great that students are starting to see the link between oral language and writing, and we want to continue to solidify this link. We also want to help children extend on their ideas, and even add more voice into their writing. One SK student often uses speech bubbles to add voice to her work, and maybe reading some Mo Willems books will encourage others to do the same. It's especially great to see students blending the sounds that they wrote to read their work: making them more confident readers in the process.