Our Wonderful Wednesday!

Here's a look at our terrific day!


  1. Once again, it was great to see all of the literacy skills, math skills, problem solving skills, social skills, and collaboration evident through play. While I (Aviva) did not get to document quite as much today, as I needed to go to the doctor today to get medication for an infected spider bite (ouch!!), the photographs and videos below still depict a lot of learning. Initially we were going to do a separate story around the "airplane construction" today, but it actually extends this "construction work story" that we published last week. The plane example really highlights how far the students have come at independent problem solving and determining different, creative solutions to make things better. While there's definitely a lot more writing happening in the classroom, we'd still like children to explore more environmental print through their construction play. This is starting to happen in the "movie theatre play" that you'll see in the story below. Since students are starting to explore "fasteners" as part of their construction work, we're planning on extending this learning next week with the introduction of some real tools. I thank my previous vice principal, Kristi Keery-Bishop, for tweeting some other tool options for us to explore next week.