Our Totally Terrific Tuesday!

Here's a look at our great day!


  1. Today's the day that our students go to library first period, and I (Aviva) have my prep. Some students stay outside to play with Mrs. Crockett, and then they switch with the students that are in the library, and vice versa. A special "thank you" to our parent volunteer that also helped with Book Exchange during this time. I (Aviva) missed a lot of the outdoor learning this morning, but I was back to listen in on some dramatic play with a math connection.
  2. We then transitioned inside, and Mrs. Crockett read us a wonderful story about Katie and the Starry Night. Students had a lot of interesting thinking during the story. We were then surprised by a fire drill (another excellent job by all of the students), and came back to the classroom to find out about the elements of design in Van Gogh's Starry Night. Mrs. Crockett showed the students how the other Kindergarten class used pastels to create different lines and designs, and our students were encouraged to do the same. Our students then went off to play. This play extended into the middle block today.
  3. We regrouped in the middle block and responded to some of Vivaldi's Four Seasons music. We linked this learning to some fall items students brought in from home. A few students even used these items in play for the afternoon. We then tidied up early today, and headed to the forest. Before going, we shared some of Andy Goldsworthy's land art with the students, and got them to think about creating art in the forest. It was a windy day for art creations, but students did collect some items that we're going to use tomorrow for some indoor land art provocations.
  4. Lucy Loves Art: Van Gogh's Starry Night with Oil Pastel