Our Thoroughly Terrific Thursday!

Today was another wonderful day! We just love seeing how students have settled so well into the classroom routines and engaged so well with each other. Here's a look at our great day!


  1. Once again, it was great to see how the students demonstrated problem solving skills, social skills, literacy skills, and math skills through play. While this story captures an overview of some of this learning, we really focused in on two bigger experiences today. They're captured in separate, more detailed learning stories at  https://mrscrockett.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/2017/09/21/construction-work/  (Construction Work) and  https://mrscrockett.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/2017/09/21/a-stick-alphabet/  (A Stick Alphabet). We even discussed possible next steps as part of these stories.
  2. As part of our plan to extend the Construction Work experience, we'd love to develop some new vocabulary related to this topic. Over this beautiful long weekend, try visiting a construction site with your child (be safe of course). Discuss some of the vehicles there. What signs do you notice? What do they say? How does your child know? Consider the use of both pictures and words included in this "writing." Feel free to email us some photographs and videos that we can add to the blog, as well as use as discussion points for next week.
  3. Have a great long weekend! See you on Monday!
  4. Aviva and Paula