Our Marvellous Monday!

Here's a look at our terrific day!


  1. Once again, it was amazing to see all of the language skills, math skills, social skills, and problem solving skills that made their way into play. We really tried to address some of the next steps connected to this Construction Work story from the other day: giving students ways to continue to solve problems through play, and also develop literacy skills (both reading and writing) within the context of meaningful play. You can see how this happened in the story below. Students also started to set-up our dramatic play movie theatre, and we hope to continue to develop literacy, math, and problem solving skills through this play tomorrow.
  2. A special "congratulations" today to our first two award winners: Brady and Edward. We're proud of how you've gone out of your way to develop new friendships, while also working on your academic skills. You have a lot to celebrate!