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Our Fantastic Friday

Here's a look at our fantastic day!


  1. We started the day with our Language Block. My students worked with Ms. Stretton's Grade 2 class on a blogging/writing activity that actually aligns with our own word choice, sentence formation, and editing goals. 
  2. Talk to your child about this writing activity. How would he/she describe the characters created? What stories, poems, or media texts could your child make using these characters? Try writing something together.
  3. Then it was time for our Science activity. I showed the students the beating heart video that I found this morning, and then students worked together to construct a plan for how to make the duct tape vein path on our classroom floor. Where would it go? Where would all of the student work displays go on Tuesday? After creating and sharing their plan, students reviewed what they wanted to say during the presentation. Then it was time to vote for our vein path plan, and start making it. I love how the students totally took over!