The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Its Anti-Semitic Connections

The dark duplicity of the UK's 'largest and most active' anti-Israel group

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  1. It always seems to start with something so small.
  2. Last Thursday, December 6, I received the following tweet from Arieh Kovler:
  3. Intrigued, I clicked on his link, and found this (the tweet has since been deleted; this is a screenshot of the original):
  4. The link pointed to this article on the website of Press TV, Iran's English-language state propaganda channel:
  5. The piece, written by a certain Jim Dean, is dripping with anti-Semitism and is laced with the most pernicious of anti-Jewish stereotypes and imagery.  Here are some excerpts:
  6. Netanyahu played his role as expected. Straight out of the Talmud, his coalition does not accept demands from the non-Jewish sub-humans. He will bet the farm on the Jewish Lobbies in the main Western countries, that they can bully their host country legislatures to do their bidding. They have a long track record.  [...]
  7. This post-war planned crime against humanity, against a defenseless people, was of course never prosecuted. To add to this shame the victor’s court historians have ignored it all these years. Real historians like David Irving (note: this is David Irving -- AM) were attacked for printing the forbidden truth and made examples of to cower the rest of the sheep. And yes, Jewish lobbies had their fingerprints all over the dirty deed.  [...]
  8. Can Israelis actually do this with just their resources in Israel? Of course not. Israeli 5th columns operate everywhere. They are used as a human shield of sorts to deflect any mention of disloyalty as based on anti-Semitism only.  [...]
  9. Even their ‘Holocaust’ funds get looted. At last count a third of Israel’s ‘survivors’ were eating in soup kitchens. (note the quotation marks around "Holocaust" and "survivors" -- AM)
  10. Now, Mr. Dean is not my concern, nor is his platform, an Iranian government propaganda website known for publishing vile anti-Semitic screeds on a regular basis.  What was intriguing about this was the organization that tweeted the article.
  11. BDS and London BDS

  12. The BDS Movement is a network of radical activists who aim to isolate Israel in order to compel it to give in to three primary demands, one of which is the acceptance of the "right of return," which would effectively end Israel as a Jewish nation-state.  There is no shortage of information about the pernicious lies of the BDS Movement, including this interview with noted Israel critic Professor Norman Finkelstein, who slams the movement's "duplicity" and "disingenuousness" and calls it a "cult."  Here is a video produced by the U.S.-based advocacy organization StandWithUs that clarifies the BDS Movement's positions and reveals its extreme, bigoted agenda, and here is a recent op-ed describing how one Harvard student found out what the Movement is actually about.
  13. The Twitter account that promoted the Press TV article is known as London BDS and appears to be linked to various anti-Israel BDS activities in London and elsewhere in the UK.  The account has been in existence since December 2, 2010, and has since pushed out more than 7,000 tweets, most of which appear to promote anti-Israel propaganda.  The website linked to the account,, lists various "Friends and Allies," including some of the most extreme anti-Israel organizations, many of which are associated with the BDS Movement.
  14. On December 3 -- a mere three days before the post mentioned here -- they promoted the following tweet:
  15. The article in question compares Israel to Nazi Germany, stating the belief that "Zionism is seeking to dehumanize the Palestinians in the same way the Nazis sought to dehumanize [Holocaust survivors] in the Auschwitz concentration camp."  This is the image that accompanies it:
  16. As a reminder, according to the U.S. Department of State's definition of anti-Semitism, "drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis" is considered an expression of anti-Semitism (the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, an EU agency, stated the same in its working definition of anti-Semitism, drafted in 2005).
  17. A review of London BDS's tweets reveals numerous posts alleging Zionist conspiracies to control the media (including here and here), countless links to anti-Semitic Iranian propaganda, and dozens of posts by British extremist Ben White, who once famously said he "can understand" why people hate Jews (see here).
  18. Upon receiving Kovler's tweet, I turned to the BDS Movement and to its most fervent online champion, Chicago-based extremist Ali Abunimah -- founder of the anti-Israel hate site Electronic Intifada -- asking if they'd distance themselves from London BDS's apparent anti-Semitism:
  19. I received no response from either one.