Hydravid video-seo software disclosed secrets: Rank, rank, and Rank!!!

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  1. You need RANK. You Need Page One. You know for sure that is what the whole SEO game is about.

    SEO using video is gaining its reputation in a major way – everybody is talking about video marketing at present. Video marketing is always a great seller, as it can visually attract your potential buyers: a 'cool' video always draws in tons of people. Video marketing is a big and serious moneymaker for a lot of people who can get the hang of it! Now, there is quite a few incredible products like Video Sketch Pro, Explaindio and Video Maker FX... that everyone can create an amazing marketing video, fast.

    Uploading a video to YouTube is simple enough. Besides, we all know that YouTube videos make an incredible good ranking. Being a great source of backlinks, they can also make your site make your site show up more than once on the front page.

    As much as marketers want traffic, they essentially produce some videos and upload them on YouTube. While uploading a video or two is better than nothing, They don't get enough view on their videos nor enough traffic to the sites, and eventually, not enough sales. well then, let me say, they have left BIG possibilities unattended.

    Web marketing is always about featuring your offers to MORE PEOPLE… MORE OFTEN. It is the most basic rule.

    Now, introduce HydraVid – The all-new fine little piece of diamond with massive strength. This HOT NEW video marketing software will power up every online marketing campaign by taking the massive video element of ranking and makes it crazy easy… as well as multiples results tenfold, immediately!

    As an exceptional Social Syndication System, HydraVid offers capabilities that nobody has ever heard of.

    It can upload your video to the Internet, to a long list of video-sharing websites out there, included Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Break.com and Hitmission... not neccessary YouTube. And the interesting part here is that you can choose to upload with an unlimited number of accounts for each sites, not limited to just to one account.

    You may not even have time and perseverance to do all those works manually, but this software will get your video to all those sites, with all those accounts, in the same amount of time it takes you to get only a single video to YouTube!

    You may worry about the fact that all those videos uploaded with those accounts from a single IP address of yours may raise some concerns from those video-sharing sites. Well that is not a problem anymore! With Hydravid’s Proxy Support, it can designate specific proxy server to any or all accounts. Now your accounts are safe!

    Hydravid can also make unique versions of the videos (yes, that’s true, it CAN make all of the videos unique indeed) and optimize it for all the keywords. It can make sure that each video's length is unique thanks to its capability to add a custom slide with customable length at the end of the video and recompile it using its superior system.

    Hydravid helps you rule search engines! Featuring Multiple High Level backlinks capability, it is the one HOT new software system that can immediately create social backlinks and traffic flow.

    Hydravid can make a full report on the URL of all the videos it uploaded, and you can have a look at how each of your ‘unique’ videos plays on the whole marketing game!

    Hydravid supports Spintax – that means you can include your own Spintax in your video’s descriptions and titles, and Hydravid will make a unique post for each submission. This makes it possible for the aiming toward multiple keywords and phrases for each video.

    Trust me, people out there are earning FULL TIME incomes from just using a tenth the power of this software.

    Only now, for the launching period, you can obtain this software for just a small fraction of its actual price. After this launch special is over, the software is going up to its commercial pricing – with ongoing monthly fees!

    So, don’t you want to lock this fine little piece of gem in for life?