Seminar on the impact of social media and journalism at the EU Council

The objective of this half day seminar was to exchange views between journalists and public communicators on how social media is impacting journalism, and in particular media coverage of EU news. It took place on 7 October in the press centre of the EU Council in Brussels and gathered 200 participants. Archived live stream and more info at


  1. Journalists, public communicators and academics shared the floor but were also massively present among the audience. 
  2. It was great to be able to live blog the event and I believe this added value to the event not only for those following from a distance but also for the audience in the room.
  3. Colleagues from the Parliament and the Commission joined in too to learn what journalists had to say about the presence of EU institutions on social media. 
  4. The future of journalism was not clearly set out during the seminar, but it is clear that there IS a future for journalism... whether online or offline!
  5. Journalists present in the room said they felt uncomfortable with certain characteristics of social media, some of which are described below:

  6. Twitter clearly stole the show at the event, not only in substance but also in format!
  7. Even the President of the European Council, Mr Van Rompuy, followed the conversation via the Twitter hashtag #eusmj!
  8. The live feed, also displaying Twitter conversations, was very visible in the room and generated additional buzz and parallel conversations.