Use instant identity verification to protect against fake identities

In times, when we continually hear about incidents related to fake identities, identity verification becomes mandatory to avoid social and workplace related threats like theft, embezzlement, violence, injury and harassment. Companies need to realize that if they are not checking and verifying a person’s identity first, then they might be checking the records for a wrong person.It’s become important to ensure that the individuals are, who they claim to be.


  1. Identity verification protects against situations when identity related document like Aadhaar, PAN or passport is forged, doctored or stolen. This first level identity verification is gaining importance as the on-demand companies are catching up in India, putting individuals in close contact with total strangers- drivers, home-delivery boys and other service providers. Companies cannot afford to compromise on their reputation or customers’ safety and hence the on-demand economy demands a better but quick background check.
  2. The primary most risk is the wrong individual getting screened and the individual with suspect integrity entering your system, causing untold harm to the organisation.
  3. Q 1.Does your organization conduct identity verification of candidates?
  4. Q 2.What are the risks if identity of a candidate is not verified?
  5. Q 3.Will conducting identity verification reduce the risks?
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