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SXSW kicks off to a rainy start

Umbrellas, rain boots and coats were the order of the day on the first Friday of South by Southwest. The Interactive and Film portions of the fest kicked off as attendees slogged through downpours and colder temperatures. Soggy conditions will likely continue throughout the weekend.


  1. While SXSW began walk-up registration and badge pick up Thursday, many arrived Friday and had to wait in a line that snaked from the registration hall at the west side of the Austin Convention Center around to the Fourth Street Entrance on the north side of the building.
  2. This year also saw a change in all the badges and wristbands, which now sport an RFID chip.
  3. It's the same problem that's plagued SXSW and other big festival in Austin for several years now — slow data connections. Festival-goers began complaining about slow connection speeds as the Austin Convention Center began to fill up.
  4. A major draw for SXSW-goers is the food, unless you didn't want to venture outside.
  5. Screenburn Aracade, the free, open-to-the-public three-day event, is being held at the Palmer Event Center this year. The feel was much different, according to Omar Gallaga, our tech culture reporter.
  6. As the evening approached, lines began forming for movie premieres, including the horror film CABIN IN THE WOODS, despite the rain and cold.
  7. Pedicabbers, who typically bring in big bucks during SXSW, worked in the rain and cold to transport festival attendees. It didn't stop some from doing the job.