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Monday at SXSW: Homeless Hotspots, future of artificial intelligence, Al Gore and Sean Parker on democracy

The big names kept coming at Monday of South by Southwest, but it wasn't without some controversy around the Austin Convention Center.


  1. Over the weekend, several media organizations reported on 'Homeless Hotspots,' which were homeless individuals who walked around South by Southwest offering 4G wireless hotspot access. Many criticized the firm that helped put the program together.
  2. Inside the Austin Convention Center, Kevin Smith's session was filled to the brim with fans and those seeking insight on his success in filmmaking and on the web.
  3. Food continues to be a major draw for visitors. We couldn't help but become hungry by reading our food writer Addie Broyles' posts.
  4. Monday's keynote, Ray Kurzweil, CEO of Kurzweil Technologies, was interviewed by Lev Grossman, author and writer for Time Magazine. Kurzweil presented some fascinating statistics and ideas about technology and how one day we may accept robots/artificial intelligence as human. (We already have SIRI, which was one example used.)
  5. The conversation between Former Vice President Al Gore and Napster founder Sean Parker was a packed house, with many turned away at the door. Gore and Parker discussed ways the public could use the web and tech to empower citizens and promote democracy.