4 Different Applications of Vibration Machines

Although vibrating machines are most often used for fitness purposes, these devices have more applications in the health and beauty field. Besides strengthening the muscles and improving the bone density, a vibration machine can also support the functioning of other organs and enhance one’s overall


  1. Given below are 4 different health applications of vibration machines that show how versatile these platforms are. Please take your time to get familiar with the benefits of vibration training, as this is just another form of physical activity you can perform in order to get healthier and improve your life quality.

    1. Vibration machines for circulation problems

    As we age, we tend to become more sedentary and this can impair both the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The lack of time or energy prevents us from exercising, and the common health issues that often come with age – hypertension, excess weight, weak bones and muscles –make it even harder to practice conventional exercises.

    A vibration machine can solve this problems by increasing the muscle contractions and stimulating the hearth to pump blood in a more efficient way. The vibrations sent by the platform through the soft tissues enhance circulation and help the body flush out toxins and waste substances by improving the lymph flow.

    2. Vibrating machines for balanced hormonal levels

    Another common problem that occurs with aging unbalanced production of hormones. While levels of testosterone and growth hormone, which help in preventing excess weight and maintaining healthy muscles and bones, decrease as we get older, levels of cortisol increase. This hormone is known as the stress hormone, and its negative effects include high blood pressure, low immunity levels and increased abdominal fat.

    Whole body vibration exercises performed on a vibrating machine can boost the production of growth hormone by 360% and the testosterone levels by 7%, while decreasing the cortisol levels by 32%. All these contribute to a better hormonal balance in aging people and prevent the excess weight gain while keeping the bones and muscle strong, and protecting the immune system.

    3. Effects of vibrating machine exercises on skin’s aspect

    By stimulating circulation and the removal of toxins from the body, vibration machines can improve the skin’s appearance and reduce the occurrence of edema, just like a classical massage session would.But this isn’t the only benefit of vibration training for people with skin problems. WBV exercises can also reduce the appearance of cellulite by combining the effects of deep tissue massage with lymphatic drainage massage.

    4. Benefits of vibration machine workouts for athletes

    Last, vibrating machines can speed up the recovery in athletes, and can improve their performance by making the muscles looser,suppler and more pliable before competitions or training sessions. A WBV machine can be used for warming up as well as for relaxing the muscles after a tough race, so it’s a useful tool for leisure and professional athletes alike.