Symposium 2017

Ideas flowed in person and on social media at Augustana's own academic conference, the 2017 Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium. More than 70 students from each of Augustana's academic divisions presented their undergraduate research findings at the event Saturday, April 8.


  1. Students and staff across campus cheered on presenters, while cast members from the current Augustana theatre production touted their set designer's work.
  2. Keynote speaker Dr. David Myers, a professor from Hope College in Holland, Michigan, kicked off the day by stressing the importance of critical thinking skills.
  3. Attendees live-tweeted what they learned from student presentations and poster sessions.
  4. The Humanities concourse was abuzz during poster sessions, and some classrooms were filled to the back.
  5. Ask me about my fly ovaries
    Ask me about my fly ovaries
  6. You know that feeling when your professor sits in on your presentation? It looks something like this.