Whose Education Data Is It?

I'm working on a number of upcoming talks (broadly) on this question: who owns learning content and data? (Bonus questions: what do we mean by "ownership" and what data counts as "educational" these days?)


  1. My mom saved a lot of my schoolwork. I have a big manilla envelope full of art and photos and writing and certificates and ribbons and report cards. All my report cards.
  2. My education record. My education data: the stuff that's gone down on my Permanent Record. My grades. My disciplinary history. My attendance. My test scores. My library fines.

    My mom saved all this paper for me, so I have the originals of poems and drawings. The originals.

    But I have a copy of my grades, i.e. a transcript.
  3. If you've ever had to send a check to a college to request a copy of your transcript, you have probably grumbled about who owns your education data.
  4. Students own it, right? Or until they're 18, their parents? 

    Or students should, some argued in response to my tweets tonight:
  5. But the question of ownership is complicated here; if nothing else it's complicated by questions over the individual's ownership versus the institution's.

    Moreover, who owns that data when it comes to publicly-funded institutions? What are our expectations and requirements for openness and accountability? (What sorts of data does this entail?)
  6. And what do we mean by "education data"? Indeed, as we use more technology for teaching and learning, our notion of an "education record" will surely expand. 
  7. How does technology change the notion of data ownership? (Can we more readily pull data out of data silos? Can we more readily hook databases together?)

    Who owns the content and the data that learners create with various apps and websites? (Let's just consider those tools used in the classroom, for starters.) The content and the data.
  8. Student Discipline XML inBloom
    Student Discipline XML inBloom
  9. Is there informed consent when it comes to data gathering? Are there ways to opt out? 

    What are our expectations for data security and privacy? What are our expectations for data transparency (what's being collected and why)?