The #Corespiracy

The Common Core and the Conspiracy to Destroy America

  1. Ken M. Libby has been gathering and sharing what he's dubbed "#corespiracy" stories for a while now. These blend right-wing conspiracy theories about government takeover with concerns about the Common Core State Standards. A recent sample from his tweet-stream:
  2. Earlier this year, Libby created a tongue-in-cheek guide, which highlights some of the common themes that run throughout:
  3. According to these (and many other articles), the Common Core promotes: Socialism, homosexuality, amnesty for illegal immigrants, a UN takeover, Stalinism, Marxism, and Islamic terrorism.

    But what do you expect, right? The Common Core is the brainchild of Obama's friend, former Weather Underground member ("terrorist") Bill Ayers

    (It's not.)
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