The Ecologies of Yearning #opened12

As with all the conferences and events I've attended this year, I'm using Storify to collect tweets and share my notes. The following thoughts come from Gardner Campbell's opening keynote during Day 1 of #opened12


  1. "Ecologies of Yearning and the Future of Open Education"

  2. VISUAL NOTES (via the ever-so-awesome Giulia Forsythe)
  3. Ecology of Yearning [visual notes] @gardnercampbell keynote #opened12
    Ecology of Yearning [visual notes] @gardnercampbell keynote #opened12
  4. MY NOTES:

    We want to take a "bunny hop" so, at this great height, we don't go into a "flat spin" -- blood coming out of our eyeballs 

    Felix Baumgartner as metaphor for change (I like it better than "disruptive innovation" methinks)

  5. FELIX BAUMGARTNER JUMP - Stratos The Moment When Felix Baumgartner Jumped [Full video]
  6. "Academia is to knowledge what prostitution is to love; close enough on the surface but to the non sucker not exactly the same thing"

    "It may be learning, but it's not academics" -- the face of the enemy

    The battle between open / closed --> between love and hate?

    "We did it" - O P E N / C L O S E D

    (Love/Hate - R. Mitchum - Night of the Hunter)

  7. Love - Hate: Night of the Hunter
  8. Coursera:

    Campbell cites the NYT article, which I liked to "FOMO"




    Google's search class and its course builder

    "That is not it at all,

    That is not what I meant, at all" - J. Alfred Prufrock

    "It's the return of the Jedi Empire"

    Thrun -- "I've never been taught to teach"

    Campbell -- "University professors have never been taught to teach. Who knew?!"

    increased access

    decreased cost

    planetary scale

    Isn't that what we meant?


    becomes Anya K, because the Edupunk Guide, becomes a multiple choice test sponsored by the Gates Foundation


    becomes rubrics and requirements

    "the heroes and villainy thing isn't going to get us there"

    Bateson - double bind

    Double binds are used as a form of control without open coercion

    Further complications arise when they're part of an ongoing relationship to which a person is committed

    3 possible responses to double bind ("Toward a Theory of Schizophrenia)

    - paranoia

    - hebephrenic

    - catatonic

  9. Papert:

    Schoolers -- we can continue to do what we do, but at scale


    Yearners -- intuition that megachange is necessary and possible

    Education based on yearning might be one way to think about it

    888 AD, according to the OED -- so early in the history of English, we devised the word "yearn"

    to desire earnestly

    open is not simply a quality to adopt or a direction to pursue, but it is an attitude toward systems

  10. Ecology of ideas -- Bateson

    Bateson's Hierarchy of Learning

    Zero learning: "receipt of signal." No error possible

    Learning 1: "change in specificity of response by correction of errors of choice within a set of alternatives." Pavlov etc

    Learning 2: learning to learn; premises are self-validating (trap at this moment because of this)

    Learning 3: meta-contextual perspective; puts self at risk; questions become explosive; this is not just adaptation, habitation -- strategies where you can choose to adapt or not; this is where we become most human, says Bateson.

    Learning 4: "probably does not occur in any adult living organisms on this earth"

    The hierarchy is discontinuous

    communication can be magically modified by communication

    there's something about a double bind that is a prison and the way out

    "transcontextual syndrome"

    beyond access and cost

    not merely open education but opening

    the possibility for networked transcontextualism. "A planetary double-take"

    Don't fake the double-take

    We insist we're doing learning level 3, but we're deeply confused… still at 2, 1 maybe even zero

    The global open access brothel of non-learning

    Apgar test at the beginning of each class

    Will we have a blue baby in class today

  11. yearning of an opening education


    that thing we yearn for, when we turn to look at it, it will slip a way, deadened by our inability to believe

    home / Solisbury Hill

    We shall not cease from exploration… Eliot again