Who is @hemingsteen?

There is a new ghostly twitter feed at the Digital Theatre Company Reorb.it, but the actor or author behind it won't reveal their true identity, even to the site's creators and company members. Calling all literary types to play Patricia Highsmith with me and help figure out the true identity of @hemingsteen. Here is what I know so far:


  1. PART 1/3 - 6/16 - An Ernest Hemingway Twitter feed started on December 26, 2010 at 13:38 - one of many "dead author" feeds, which started this year, see Eleanor BarkhornMelanie Rehak.

  2. A passage from my own feed of novelist Jack Kerouac prompted some direct messaging between myself & @hemingsteen, which ended in me suggesting s/he join the company of characters over at the new Digital Theatre Company, Reorb.it.

  3. @hemingsteen agreed.  But only gave cryptic information for her/his Reorb.it's "author's page," as you can see here.

  4. Inquiries were made across the Twitterverse for any information about the identity of @hemingsteen.

  5. Famous writers & artists also tried to help.

  6. But in the end, the mystery just deepened.
  7. And @hemingsteen offered me a challenge:
  8. PART 2/3 - 6/17 • Updates - Who is @hemingsteen? • The search for the true identity of @hemingsteen continues.  Actors, writers, publishers, educators & curators have all joined in to spread the word & offer important ghost-hunting advice: