Staying Cool As Temperatures Rise


  1. With the summer quickly approaching it is time to think about staying cool as temperatures reach extreme heat.  Imagine being able to enjoy the outdoors and remaining cool while you spend time more time outside sitting on the patio and not being affected by the heat.  Setting up a special event and not worrying about the cost of air conditioning.  Not being limited to the air conditioned indoors on beautiful days because it is just too hot to be outside.  If you are looking to enjoy the outdoors there is a solution for every environment.  Whether you are looking to cool a small or large area, there are products available to fit your particular needs.  
    A popular solution to the uncomfortable heat is utilizing a misting fan.  Mist fans are a very effective cooling system for large enclosed areas, small outdoor areas, greenhouses, and the list goes on. Initially made popular by their use at large sporting events, they are also available for residential and commercial use.  
    For residential uses, patio misting systems are quick and easy to install.  They are also a cost-effective way to control the temperature on your patio or deck.  Misting fans work by spraying a mist of water in the area that you are cooling.  By the time the water is released, it has also evaporated, meaning that no one gets wet.  This also means that you can use this system anywhere.  The process decreases the temperature in the area and you get to enjoy the cool environment.     
    Depending on the size of the area that you are trying to cool, there are various styles and types of mister fans to choose from.  The most flexible system to fit your needs is a portable misting system.  Wheels on the unit allow you the freedom to move around and take the system with you.  You can start the day on the patio and end it on the front porch, all the while staying nice and cool.
    For a more sophisticated and effective cooling system, high pressure misting is the way to go.  While this system will cost you more, the results increase exponentially.  The mist created is very fine, which creates a fog, but it also means that it will keep your location significantly drier and cooler than a low pressure misting system.  This system will decrease temperatures by approximately 35 degrees.  If you spend your summers outside this is well worth the investment.
    No matter which of the mist cooling systems you choose, the result will be a cooler summer.  The freedom to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends makes it a worthwhile project and investment.  The options available allow you to tailor the solution to your personal needs.  Whether a misting fan, a portable system, a low pressure system, or a high pressure system, your needs are covered.