TOV Hillel Sandy Relief Mission

15 Hillel students from across Illinois travel to New York to help rebuild communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

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  1. This is one amazing group of college students. They spent their first few days of winter break, after taking finals, to fly, drive and take the train to NYC to help out families and communities affected by Sandy. They worked so hard and kept smiles on their faces the entire time.
  2. So proud of what these students accomplished ...
  3. Deeply humbled by the resilience of those who lost everything but are moving forward, inspired by the long-term volunteers devoting weeks or even months to helping people get back on their feet again, and energized by the passion and thoughtfulness of 14 students who went straight from finals to begin their breaks by volunteering. Feeling grateful for all that I have, and thankful to " class="">Nechama Jewish Response to Disaster, " class="">TOV Volunteer Network (JUF), " class="">Northwestern Hillel, and our AMAZING group of students for a powerful three days of Sandy Relief work in NY.
  4. So impressed that over half of the group stayed after the trip to continue working with Nechama!
  5. hey guys- partly because i took someone's boots by accident and partly because i had such a great time volunteering im going back for two days this friday and saturday. if you're around you should come join! i'm driving and can pick you up.
  6. Our amazing partner, Nechama is in the news!
  7. VIDEO: Great feature about the teamwork of NECHAMA & The Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey to help those affected by #Sandy
    Click the link to watch video: " class=""> 
  8. Working on a demo for a lovely lady in Far Rockaways, NY so her and her family can begin to rebuild.
  9. Quote of the Day: Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead
  10. This girl is a beast at tearing down walls!
  11. Rollin, rollin, rolling...
  12. TOV/Hillel Sandy Mission | Facebook
  13. Maor goes to town on this kitchen.
  14. Kitchen After!
  15. knock, knock...who's there? Alison and Sarah from Northwestern Hillel!
  16. TOV/Hillel Sandy Mission | Facebook
  17. Ezra (UIC) and Barrett (UIC) tore up floors like it was no one's business!
  18. TOV/Hillel Sandy Mission | Facebook
  19. Fayge (Oaktown) is pumped to be on Alternative Winter Break with Hillel!