Bert and Ernie gay marriage cover stirs controversy

The New Yorker has earned praise and criticism for its cover showing Bert and Ernie of "Sesame Street" cuddling while watching the Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage.

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  1. Artist Jack Hunter initially uploaded the image via Tumblr more than a year ago.
  2. The cover has drawn plenty of fans, who are echoing Hunter's proclamations that this is a "Moment of Joy."
  3. Not everyone thought it was appropriate to use the "Sesame Street" puppets to convey a message about the high court's decision on a major civil rights case. One online editor even called the cover a "childish statement" for an "amazing achievement."
  4. American Family Association spokesperson Bryan Fischer called the cover dangerous.
  5. Others just plain disliked it for portraying Bert and Ernie as gay, especially in light of a 2011 statement from the Children's Television Workshop, which called the characters "best friends" who do not have an established sexual orientation.
  6. Some used it as a vehicle for social media humor.
  7. For it's part, Sesame Street is staying out of the debate.