Black History Month 2016

Taking a look at Black History Month at Laurier Brantford and exploring Black History Month across Canada.


  1. Every February Laurier Brantford joins in the annual celebration of Black History. Local content is at the beginning and will be followed by national and historical coverage.
  2. Laurier Brantford student newspaper The Sputnik, looks at cutbacks to Black History Month celebrations in Brantford and Brant County in 2015.
  3. In a media release, Laurier offers media members the chance to contact Professor Dana E. Weiner through phone, email or in person to learn more about Black History topics. More information can be found in the release for any interested journalists.
  4. Laurier Brantford student organization SOUL, continues to run its annual film series on Black History. The next event is Monday Feb. 29, when the Black History Month Film Festival resumes with a screening of "42," at 8pm in RCW 202.
  5. The following article is from Brantford Newsroom, which is part of the University's journalism program. The student written article covers a 2015 SOUL event that celebrated Black History Month by gathering more than 100 students to discuss race and acceptance. If interested please copy and paste the link. 
  6. The video below was recorded during a 2015 Laurier event titled Spoken Word: Black History Month.
  7. Spoken Word: Black History Month Wilfrid Laurier University
  8. In addition to this Storify, you can find my article on Brantford Newsroom that covers a similar topic to the following CBC article. The CBC article looks at the limited amount of education available on black history. My article looks specifically at the amount of black history courses offered at Laurier Brantford.
  9. The following CBC article and documentary are about Viola Desmond. Desmond was a black Atlantic Canadian woman who was arrested for sitting in the white section of a movie theatre and charged with tax evasion in 1946. Desmond's decision to sit in the white section of the theatre predated Rosa Parks by nine years and lead to the civil rights movement in Canada. Desmond was the first person in Canadian history to received a posthumous pardon from the government. The second video is the Heritage Minute based upon Desmond. The third video is a piece from the CBC titled Being Black in Canada - Viola Desmond.
  10. Long Road to Justice - The Viola Desmond Story (Full Documentary)
  11. Heritage Minutes: Behind The Scenes on 'Viola Desmond'
  12. Being Black in Canada | Viola Desmond
  13. As part of Black History Film, the National Film Board of Canada has created a playlist of 22 films looking at different aspects and perspectives of black history. The films have many different styles, lengths and were produces in different decades.
  14. As part of Black History Month, the CBC continues its series "Being Black in Canada." Below are the 2015 and 2016 edition of the series.
  15. CBC News: Being Black in Canada (2015)
  16. CBC News: Being Black in Canada (2016)
  17. The three articles focuses on the 20th anniversary of Black History Month in Canada. The first article provides a historical context to the events across Canada. The second article is the story of Francisca Mandeya, a Zimbabwe refugee who now lives in Nunavut. Mandeya discusses her transition from Zimbabwe to Nunavut and her family's own history. The third and final article is a CBC piece on Senator Anne C. Cools. Cools was the first black person to be a senator in Canada. Cools discusses her experiences protesting racism and discrimination at Sir George William University (Now Concordia University).