Spike Lee slams the Jason Collins hate machine

On Monday Jason Collins, a 11-year-NBA veteran revealed he is gay, making him the first U.S. professional athlete to do so while still actively playing. But while reactions rolled in, filmmaker Spike Lee found himself explaining equal rights 101 to fans.

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  1. The first tweet by Lee about Collins was a response to the question: "What's your take on players announcing they are gay???" Lee's response: "Jason Collins just did a beautiful thing. Be Yourself."
  2. When asked whether more players should come out, Lee responded,  "If they wish to. Nobody should be outed."
  3. When confronted with a fan who said gays are disgusting, Lee replied, "You are ignorant. Open up Ya Mind. WAKE UP."
  4. "NOT FUNNY," Lee responded when a fan implied Collins would be treated differently on the court.
  5. "Gays Are Human Beings," Lee said when asked why he supports gays. "What's The Problem?"
  6. And Lee told this fan that explaining how the first black president allowed same-sex marriage would be "EASY."
  7. Elsewhere on Twitter, NBA Commissioner David Stern expressed his pride:
  8. As did Collins' most recent team and former teammate:
  9. SI columnist Richard Deitsch plucked this detail from the story. At the time, Collins had created a cover story for the jersey number.
  10. Collin's twin brother, Jerron, tweeted his congratulations.
  11. NBA player Baron Davis was one of the first to tweet a response.