Timeline of Dorner's suspected crimes

A manhunt is underway for Christopher Dorner, 33, who is the main suspect in several shootings and deaths across Southern California. Dorner is a former LAPD officer.

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  1. Timeline information pulled from in the San Diego Union Tribune, OC Register, CNN and other local media outlets. 
  2. SUNDAY, Feb. 3: Two people are found shot to death on the top level of a parking structure inside their car in Irvine. At a Wednesday press conference Los Angeles Police identify them as Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence. They also name Dorner as a suspect in their deaths. Monica is the daughter of a former LAPD officer and Lawrence is her fiancé. .
  3. MONDAY, Feb. 4: Articles of clothing believed to belong to Dorner are found in a dumpster near the National City police department, per the SDUT. 
  4. TUESDAY, Feb. 5. Local news stations quote military sources who say Dorner checked into the Navy Base in Point Loma on Feb. 5 but did not check out.
  5. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 6: LAPD tell the media about a "multi-page manifesto" Dorner is alleged to have written. In San Diego, an 81-year-old man is tied up by a "heavy set Black man" who tries unsuccessfully to steal a yacht from the Southwestern Yacht Club. 
  6. THURSDAY, Feb. 7 (sometime before 1:30am): The first of two shootings targeting police officers is reported in Corona. One officer is grazed but the other is uninjured, per NBC4.
  7. THURSDAY, Feb. 7 1:30am PST: Two Riverside police officers are reportedly ambushed while stopped at a red light. One dies. Brian Rokos, a reporter for the Press-Enterprise tweets several bits of information. 
  8. THURSDAY, Feb. 7 2:38am: The San Diego Union-Tribune reports a wallet and police badge belonging to Dorner have been turned in to local police, apparently found on the street by a resident.
  10. THURSDAY Feb. 7, 1:30pm EST: A suspect matching Dorner's description is thought to be barricaded in a hotel. LAPD soon confirm this is not the case. 
  11. Dornan does have a military sticker on his truck, reports the San Diego ABC affiliate, that could get him access to a military base.