Facebook's Graph Search, explained by the angry and amused

Facebook's new "Graph Search" promises to let users sift through the network's vast trove of posts and photos to produce more helpful results. But not everyone on social media was excited about the new search tool, which (again!) raises privacy concerns. Here's a sampling of the conversation:

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  1. 1.) Which of my employees has life threatening illness, such as cancer or HIV ? 2.) Which of my employees has been arrested on drug or alcohol related charges ? 3.) Which of my employees has sexual orientations I do not like or approve of ? 4.) Which of my employees has been involved in a lawsuit ? 5.) Etc., etc., etc, .....
  2. The following tweet referenced the recent episode in which the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg berated a friend for sharing a family photo she had thought was posted privately. Yes, some people are still baffled by Facebook's privacy policies.
  3. Ok, Mr. Zuckerberg, hope this new GRAPH SEARCH application is going to be easy to use and less tedious; I have so little patience and tolerance for these constant changes to FB....just make it easy and fast please for older Americans like myself, well I am not that old, but older than you are! Ok, now I am done venting! Take care people!
  4. Anybody out there friends with Alycia? You may want to set a few boundaries.
  5. Sounds interesting. I look those kinds of things up all the time on my phone.
  6. It's not all bad news. Some users, using the hashtag #facebooksearchideas, pointed out the fun we might have with Graph Search.
  7. Still, haters are gonna hate.
  8. This is PERFECT for STALKERS!!! ... No Thank YOu!!