11 clever meteor tweets we wish we'd thought of

You've heard the news about the meteor (not meteorite or asteriod) that caused an enormous explosion in Russia. But perhaps your reservoir of space jokes is suffering a drought. Not to fear. If there's one thing Twitter excels at, it's humor in the face of calamity.

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  1. At first, media companies struggled to find the right words to describe the event. Literally. The right words.
  2. Doug might also be unimpressed. 
  3. There were more than 115,000 tweets posted about the meteor in just a couple of hours. Twitter had predictably (but not literally) exploded.
  4. Remember back in 2008 when former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house? 
  5. Technically some guy would have probably said something like, "этот день не может быть хуже," which isn't very funny unless you speak Russian.
  6. No response from @PiersMorgan. Yet. Maybe Paul should have included a remark about his right to own a gun to protect himself from said meteor. 
  7. Remember when Marco Rubio's water bottle became a "thing" on Twitter? @JakeFogelnest is on a personal mission to stop parody accounts. Where do we sign up?
  8. Thanks to Scott for bringing it full circle.