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#asechat summary (07/10/2013)

This Storify story is a summary of what happened at #asechat on the 7th Oct 2013. The focus of the discussion was "How to plan a cross curricular approach to learning science with the maths department"


  1. A very fast paced discussion tonight, as always. A big part of the chat orbited around graphs and terminology. Many felt there was disagreement between Maths and Science Departments, so that took the focus away from actual approaches to stating what these differences were and what caused them, in my opinion. 
    Many also thought terminology and consistency of approach was important, e.g. some contributors said Maths departments do not introduce rearranging equations until yr11, but it is needed in Physics earlier than that!
    Since the discussion focus was meant to be on cross curricular approaches to learning of science with the Maths Department, I have tried to pick tweets that reflect this topic in my selection.