The Future of Nonprofit Storytelling #12NTCStory

Session panelists: Cara Jones, Founder, Storytellers for Good; Rob Wu, founder, CauseVox; JD Lasica, Socialbrite; Jenna Sauber, Case Foundation


  1. Rob Wu, founder of CauseVox, moderated the storytelling session #12NTCStory. He began by asking, "what is storytelling?" @RobJWu

  2. Cara Jones of Storytellers for Good The best way to tell a story is to whittle it down to one person that the audience can care about. Making your audience care is the most important goal. Finding the person who resonates is what NP storytelling is all about. - Cara Jones, @stories4good

  3. Jenna Sauber of the Case Foundation: "Some of the best stories are the ones that you remember." There is something about these stories that move you, inspire you to take action and move. @cajunjen
  4. JD Lasica of Socialbrite: Ever seen a photo of lions hunting bison on a cave in France? One of the earliest stories told by man. "To tell stories is to be human." - @JDLasica
  5. Rob Wu asks: How is storytelling different than marketing communications?

  6. Cara Jones: Fundraising is an opportunity for people to get involved. Nonprofit storytelling has the power to appeal to people's hearts. People will forget what you've told them, what you've done, but they will never forget what you made them feel. Viewers and readers want to engage with something they are feeling. 
  7. JD Lasica: You will find storytellers in your nonprofit in surprising places.
  8. Rob Wu asks: How do you shift your nonprofit into a culture of storytelling?

  9. Cara Jones: create a Google doc within your organization and ask people to contribute stories from across the organization. This will create a story bank. Storytelling "is just a practice;" it becomes a practice if you do it enough. Another idea is to gather people from within the organization to tell stories as an event.
  10. Jenna Sauber: Case Foundation has a blog bank, but also highlights ideas internally through their internal communications system, which for them is Yammer.
  11. Jenna Sauber: Ask supporters to send in their stories. Make it a part of the culture externally.

  12. Rob Wu asks: What are your tips for capturing stories?