Inshallah Kashmir wins the National Award for Best Investigative film

"...for unflinchingly and boldly stepping into unearthing the truth about Kashmir. A passionate inquiry connecting with the people, discovering what is called ‘Kashmiriyat’ and at the same time exposing the role of the state, police and army in alienating them from India."


  1. Until the film finds its space on Indian television, it will be available online at 
  2. a selection of tweets about #inshallahkashmir following its online preview
  3. In what is perhaps a first, the full 80 min film was uploaded free-of-cost on India's Republic Day...
  4. Inshallah Kashmir : Living Terror - please read disclaimer
  5. The reactions were immediate
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  7. "@Ashvin, awesome effort you've made. Respect.

    for people that have a problem, you have to watch the entire 1 hour, 22 minute documentary. The team has looked at many perspectives. Kashmiri Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims, people in the Government, ex-militants.

    Please be open-minded when watching such a documentary. And if you manage that, please be sympathetic towards the ordinary Kashmiri who has be harassed by both Pakistan (by its policy of sponsoring terrorism) and India (thru the Army)" NED9051 

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