Sexual Images in Disney Films

Harmless easter eggs, intentional insubordination, or silliness?

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  1. History

    In 1995, a pro-life lobby group, American Life League (ALL), alleged that several Disney films, including The Rescuers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Lion King, contained subliminal messages and sexual imagery.

    These lobby groups insisted on boycotting Disney films for these founded images. No one knows for sure if ALL of these images or scenes were intentional or not. Some speculators say the animators were bored or insubordinate. Some say Disney has an agenda. Below are some very popular examples of inappropriateness found in Disney films.

    Disney Inc was founded in 1923. We all know that sex sells in the entertainment industry. Disney has been successful in the movie industry even in tough times so why add hidden sexual images.

    Inserting secret messages to their movies started way back in the when Disney is still making short films.  Artists felt that they are not credited for their fine works since after every short films of Disney, the only credit shown at the end is Walt Disney himself. Since then, it became a silent tradition within the artists to sneak stuff on their works. Artists put up a strike against Disney in 1940’s and since then, the artists are credited for their hard work and participation in creating the film.

    The same situation happened when Michael Eisner was hired to revamp Disneys animation department. Well he made some animators very upset. Perhaps these animators secretly acted out. Who knows.

    Sexy Disney

    Disney movies have always hinted to sexuality. Disney princesses such as Jasmine and Ariel are very proactively dressed. There are many instances of sexual innuendos in nearly all of there movies. Sex sells and adults had to see these films with kids anyways. Why not make it entertaining for ALL audiences.
  2. Walt Disney's "Aladdin" Subliminal Message?

  3. In Aladdin, protests were raised regarding the scene when Aladdin is attacked by the tiger Rajah on the palace balcony. Aladdin quietly says "Come on... good kitty, take off and go..." and the word "kitty" is overlapped by another, unidentifiable sound, most probably Rajah's snarl. Some people reported hearing "Good teenagers, take off your clothes" . Because of the controversy, Disney replaced the phrase with "Down, kitty" on the DVD release.

  4. Do you think these images were created to corrupt minds or for fun?
  5. Disney's excuse was a rushed late night job to get the cover art completed on time.In The Little Mermaid, King Triton lives in a castle of gold, along with his daughters. The castle is displayed in the artwork for the cover for the Classics VHS cassette when the film was first released on home video in 1990. Close examination of the cover artwork, as well as the poster for the film, shows an oddly shaped structure on the castle, closely resembling a penis. Disney and the cover designer insist it was an accident, resulting from a late night rush job to finish the cover artwork. The questionable object does not appear on the cover of the second releasing of the movie. The animator was fired they say.
  6. Disney's excuse is that this is supposed to say SFX, special effects, and was a signature from the animator.The Lion King allegation was denied, a Disney animator and a writer for the film, who claimed that the letters written in the dust cloud actually spelled the initials "S.F.X", meaning 'special effects'; instead, it was interpreted by people who saw the dust message as the word "SEX". It was intended to be a signature from the animators, and that the controversy  was entirely unintentional. Easter egg signatures are actually quite common in animation.
  7. Since the discovery and lawsuit this movie was recalled and reanimated. This is the ONLY movie recalled.Disney's original home video releases of The Rescuers were recalled on January 8, 1999 due to the discovery of two photographs of a topless woman in the background of two frames of the movie. The offending images were removed in later VHS and DVD editions. Some say these animators were fired.
  8. Debatable.
  9. Supposed to be his knees they said. Since the discovery it has been reanimated.There was also a widespread rumour in the early to mid-1990s that a clergyman is seen with an erection during a wedding scene, specifically the scene in which a brainwashed Prince Eric is about to marry Ursula the sea witch in disguise. The clergyman is a short man, dressed in Bishop's clothing, and a small bulge is slightly noticeable in a few of the frames that are actually later shown to be the stubby-legged man's knees, but the image is small and is very difficult to distinguish. Because of the controversy, this scene was later altered in the film's 2006 Platinum Edition DVD release so that the clergyman is standing on a small platform box and that his knee is no longer visible underneath his robes. The combined incidents led an Arkansas woman, Janet Gilmer, to file suit against The Walt Disney Company in 1995, though she dropped the suit two months later.
  10. Supposedly...

    Animators have been sneaking hidden stuff into Disney cartoons since the earliest days of the company, a tradition started when the egocentric Walt Disney refused to share credit with his animators, forcing them to sneak their names into the cartoons in devious ways. Later Disney artists expanded this tradition by sneaking hidden sexual images into cartoons, usually just a few frames that went unnoticed. They did it because they could do it and perhaps get away with it.
  11. The Truth is...

    Most of these articles and pictures were found on conspiracy theory websites so to say much of this is fact is not accurate. Referencing other cartoons in a cartoon is a common practice so to say that also inputting secret sexy images is a common practice is debatable. Perhaps it will always be debatable until an actual animator comes forward.
  12. An example of the MANY easter eggs in Disney films. Can't you see Beast in the middle? And below is another of many examples of how these movies reference each other.
  13. All in good fun. The end.