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Social media takes on the VA earthquake

Not to get too "newsy" on you, but there was a 5.8 earthquake in Virginia today that was felt throughout several surrounding states. However, we think that Twitter and Facebook were the real things blowing up. Below, you'll find some funny tweets, clueless Facebook updates and some outright hilarious "coverage" of the earthquake through social media. (Warning: if you don't find earthquake humor funny, you probably shouldn't read this.)


  1. Let's take a minute to reflect on today's events. If the below was the first thing that popped into your head when you heard about the earthquake, well, we're sorry. Very, very sorry.

  3. And a little social commentary with your earthquake coverage:
  4. "Huh?" and "What?" were also pretty popular themes:
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  7. And as always, the news feeds and timelines were full of well-meaning advice-givers:
  8. And funny guys:
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  10. -
  11. And then there's the guy who cuts straight to the point. We like him. We really, really like him.

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