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@OhioJFS Comm Director. Indians fan. IU grad. Views here are my own.

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Complete local news and information for the Dayton, Ohio, area.

Ron Kirchner

Engineer from Berlin/Germany. My focus is biomass, especially supply of heat and electricity with bioenergy. Twittering about biogas, biofuels and biomaterials.

Matt Tullis

Journalism professor at Ashland University; contributor to Cleveland Magazine and Inside Business Magazine; memoirist, essayist... Did I miss anything?


What to do, where to go & what to see — your entertainment expert for Northcoast Ohio.

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Technologies that change the way we live, work, love, play, think and feel. This week twitter-twatter it'same! @jesusdiaz


The standard for influence.

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@WSJ Social Media Director. I tweet about world news, journalism, social media. @onanyc co-organizer. NTimes, WashPost, ABC alum. Liz.Heron[@]

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I write BlogPost and Web InSites at the Washington Post. And I think you're really neat. If I'm not here, find me at or 202-334-9786.