Graphic photos, gun control: what the Empire State shooting has us talking about

A laid-off employee shot a former co-worker to death in front of the Empire State Building this morning. Police killed the suspect and at least nine others were wounded. (WARNING: Extremely graphic content.) The conversation continues at


  1. The latest in the Empire State shooting is that victims may have been shoot by police. There is still confusion as to who shot whom:
  2. Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been updating New Yorkers on the shooting via a live stream earlier, which can be seen below:
  3. Mayor Bloomberg Updates New Yorkers on Shooting at Empire State Building
  4. The New York Times has embedded a live Twitter feed of its Metro Desk, which is providing real-time updates (tweets at @NYTMetro). The NYT posted a graphic photo on their website, which has since been removed. Poynter has addressed how the media has handled the graphic images from the shooting:
  5. Plenty of readers have also responded to the graphic images. A conversation on Branch, a social media tool that allows Twitter users to communicate with more than 140 characters, addresses the issue of how graphic is too graphic:
  6. The shooting has also rekindled the United States' ongoing, heated debate about gun control:
  7. There is plenty of talk on WHIO-TV's Facebook page discussing the event and its surrounding issues, including gun control. Read what people are saying and join the conversation here: