Chandigarh hospitality at a corporate ventilator


  1. Hometel is a premium 4 star hotel in Chandigarh
    Hometel is a premium 4 star hotel in Chandigarh
  2. A swerving city Chandigarh is absolutely ostentatious in its ways. The life here is charmed up by the lively people of this swanky city who like to make the most of every moment. Swooning like a pendulum this city is a balance between a fast paced and a laid back culture. The city being an education hub caters to thousands of students who come here for their higher studies and a new line hub of corporate honchos frequenting the city for business.

    The city pacing itself towards the corporate life and attracting MNC’s to establish their quarters here has brought a shining light towards the hospitality industry. The boutique and other business hotels in the city are mending ways to make themselves corporate friendly so as to attract the corporate crowd.

    The harsh reality is that there isn’t a single hotel in Chandigarh that can run itself as a profitable business without the support from various corporates. The regular conference sessions and events organised every now and then give a much needed support to the hospitality sector. The big level fashion and cricket events have been a beneficiary to the limping industry as well.

    With the wedding season now limited to around just twice a month doesn’t help the year round expenditure stats that look daunting. The corporates also fill up the seasonal gap with regular stay of its high ranking staff at their favoured hotels. This provides a good deal of business to both the parties as they both gain from it.

    On the whole it is not exaggerating to conclude that a booming corporate sector in Chandigarh will serve good not only to the youth of the city and nearby states but will also boost the hospitality sector and also the rise in competition among them might turn out to be beneficial for the regular consumer who can expect good deals from time to time from these hotels making the experience worth every penny for him.