Allegations against actor Travis Aaron Wade


  1. Originally posted May 15, 2016
    Last updated April 2, 2017

  2. About this document

  3. This Storify was originally posted on May 15, 2016, for the purpose of compiling all the allegations against Wade, along with evidence and other supplementary materials, and presenting it in a narrative format that could be easily understood even by those unfamiliar with the situation. It has since been expanded upon, and subsequently edited down to avoid it becoming more unwieldy than it already is. The current version is an attempt to tell the entire story as succinctly as possible.
  4. In this document, Wade's accusers are referred to by their first names only, regardless of whether their full names are known—both for the sake of consistency and to avoid encouraging further harassment.
  5. For a quick summary of this story and the situation in general answering some of readers' most common questions, read the FAQ.

  6. Summary

  7. Travis Aaron Wade is an actor who appeared in 4 episodes of season 10 of Supernatural as Cole Trenton, a former Marine with a grudge against one of the main characters. Beginning in late 2015, several female fans who interacted with Wade in person at conventions and/or online reported inappropriate behavior from him. Their allegations included sexual harassment and online harassment.
  8. After coming forward, these women were subjected to further harassment from others online and attempts to discredit their stories or them personally. Shortly after this document was published, several of these women and others who had publicized their allegations (including myself) were sent cease-and-desist letters on Wade's behalf accusing defamation of character and threatening legal action. More recently, those letters have been forwarded to recipients' superiors at school or work. Additionally, another person who had voiced support of Wade's accusers had their personal information tracked down and was allegedly threatened with blackmail by someone claiming to represent Wade.
  9. Both the serious nature of the original allegations and the increasingly bizarre subsequent developments have made this story a prominent topic of conversation in the online Supernatural fandom. As such, this document has been and will continue to be updated as the situation unfolds.

  10. Backstory

  11. Supernatural, a cult hit with a passionate fanbase, has a thriving convention circuit with events across the U.S. and overseas. At cons, fans interact with one another, the cast of the show, and others whom they consider part of the SPN Family. In the US, the official Supernatural conventions are run by Creation Entertainment.
  12. Wade's first con appearance was in March 2015 at Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas.
  13. Chicon: October 2015

  14. The first hints that something was amiss in Wade's interactions with fans came in October of that year, during the Chicago convention (colloquially known as Chicon).
  15. Ash didn't publicly elaborate on what had happened at karaoke, though she later said she reported the incident to Creation staff that night.
  16. About a week later, a twitter account with the handle @spn2fan (since deactivated) began harassing Ash, posting some of her old photo ops (fans at cons can have pictures made with the guests), apparently selected because the harasser found them mildly risqué and intended to discredit Ash's version of the events at Chicon (which at this point had still not been made public in their entirety).
  17. The offending tweets were eventually deleted along with the account posting them.