"How Dancers Can Get The Most Out Of Your Time Spent On Social Media"

Dancers are very active across many social media platforms. But which ones give you the best ROI (return on investment) as a dance artist? Here's a full recap from our recent #letstalkdance tweetchat. Check out what dancers on Twitter had to say on this topic!

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  3. Roll Call: What's your name, what do you do in the dance world, & where are you tweeting from tonight? #letstalkdance
  4. Hi - Diana from Connecticut - dance educator, choreographer, blogger & soon to be published author! #letstalkdance
  5. I'm Ashani, your weekly host, tweeting from NYC! I help you SHINE on social media! I also blog, teach, & perform! #letstalkdance
  6. @healthydancer1 Diana!! Welcome back!! How are you? What's this "soon to be published author" business? Do Tell!! #letstalkdance
  7. @beccacat Hey Becca!! How are you? How was your Thanksgiving holiday? How long before your big move? #letstalkdance
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  9. @ashanimfuko Hi Ashani! I'm well! College textbook for Musical Theater Dance - in process of submitting final chapter! #letstalkdance
  10. What's up @ashanimfuko & dance tweeps! Rachel joining from Richmond, VA tonite! Missing #philly though. S/O @KoreshDance #letstalkdance
  11. @ashanimfuko Thanksgiving was wonderful and snowy! How about you? I move Dec 19th! In the home stretch! #letstalkdance
  12. @Escribana7 @KoreshDance Hi Rachel!! Welcome back! Are you in VA visiting? How was your Thanksgiving? :) #letstalkdance
  13. @healthydancer1 Oh my wow!! How exciting!! Congrats!! How long have you been working on this book? #letstalkdance
  14. @ashanimfuko Started writing in Feb - will also be available as ebook so still have the whole filming process to go! #letstalkdance
  15. @ashanimfuko amazing time at home. It's been a minute. Everyone keeps saying how happy I look. It's all dance. #letstalkdance
  16. @beccacat Awesome! Glad you had a great holiday! Wow, moving day is coming soon! Yay! We had a wonderful holiday! #letstalkdance
  17. @Escribana7 What a blessing Rachel!! I tell you, dance is good for the soul!! Happiness is very attractive! ;) #letstalkdance
  18. @healthydancer1 That is awesome! You have to keep me posted so that I can share it on FB & Twitter!! #letstalkdance
  19. @ashanimfuko Thanks so much! Will definitely keep you posted - due to be published in August. #letstalkdance
  20. Be sure to add #LetsTalkDance to your Tweets to join the chat. Tonight’s Topic: "How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time Spent On Social Media"
  21. To join the #letstalkdance Tweetchat simply answer our Q's with your A's & the number, plus #letstalkdance, i.e. "Q1" & "A1".
  22. @ashanimfuko Hi all! I'm Rachel from Birmingham, AL. I do dance writing/editing for 4dancers and Dance Advantage. #letstalkdance
  23. @CamilleABrown How was your Thanksgiving holiday Camille? And what are you up to over the next 30 days? #letstalkdance
  24. @ashanimfuko I use tumblr almost exclusively. It shares across the other platforms. #letstalkdance
  25. @ivyalso Hi Rachel!! Thanks for joining the chat tonight! You're a fantastic writer!! How'd you get into writing? #letstalkdance
  26. @Escribana7 Isn't Tumblr awesome?!! I love it! I need to spend more time on there! So many great dance pics! #letstalkdance
  27. @ashanimfuko great! U? My Company has a show in Philly n then I start rehearsals 4 a musical I'm choreographing😊 #letstalkdance
  28. @ashanimfuko Yup. I used to blog on Google but I found tumblr is much easier esp with pics & stuff. #letstalkdance
  29. Q1: What social media platform are you most active on?
  30. A1: I'm very active on a number of platforms. I'd say, it's a toss up btw Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. #letstalkdance
  31. @ashanimfuko Thanks so much Ashani! Well, I'm an English major, so dance writing is a perfect way to use what I've learned #letstalkdance
  32. @Escribana7 Yes! I always recommend it for clients who's audience is already there, & who need an easy way to blog! #letstalkdance
  33. @healthydancer1 @Escribana7 Not necessarily better, just different. Similar to Instagram, but on another level. #letstalkdance
  34. @ivyalso Sounds like the perfect marriage between the two Rachel! Very cool! What's your dance background? #letstalkdance
  35. @healthydancer1 @ashanimfuko I find for me it's the easiest way to communicate with the audience I've built across the media. #letstalkdance
  36. @healthydancer1 You will GAIN more followers than you can imagine on there, if you're active! HUGE audience! #letstalkdance
  37. @Escribana7 @healthydancer1 It really is a great platform for dancers to blog on. I highly recommend! #letstalkdance
  38. @ashanimfuko I started ballet late at age 13. I've only trained at recreational level, but I absolutely love it! #letstalkdance
  39. @healthydancer1 @ashanimfuko I've found I don't lose moreso they don't all follow you to other social media outlets. #letstalkdance
  40. Q2: What social media site has helped you grow the most professionally? Through jobs, clients, networking, etc.? #letstalkdance
  41. @ashanimfuko Nia in Atlanta today. There are never enough characters to say what I do but it's #purposefullwork. #letstalkdance
  42. @ivyalso Very cool! That keeps it fun, and not so stressfful! lol The best way to enjoy dancing, in my opinion! ;) #letstalkdance
  43. @ashanimfuko HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOUR LITTLE ONE!!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎂🎂🎂 #letstalkdance
  44. @healthydancer1 @Escribana7 Yes, you should definitely check it out Diana! You'll love it! It's easy breezy! #letstalkdance
  45. A1: @ashanimfuko I am on twitter mostly. I don't always have an image to post on Insta. #letstalkdance
  46. @ashanimfuko A1 depends on the day... And who I'm working for. There's almost never a day I'm only myself on social media #letstalkdance
  47. A2:Most networking contacts on twitter but my fb page is suddenly blossoming #letstalkdance
  48. @BethMegill I love Twitter too Beth! Especially for breaking news, real-time events, & awesome blog content! #letstalkdance
  49. @KwanzaaKid We are in the same boat on this one!! I'm on pretty much EVERY social media platform, EVERY DAY! lol #letstalkdance
  50. @ashanimfuko @healthydancer1 What's more important is building an audience & keeping them engaged with your journey. #letstalkdance
  51. @KwanzaaKid Yay!! Thank you!! The 1st yr went by sooo fast!! Can't believe that this time last yr, I had a newborn! #letstalkdance
  52. @ashanimfuko I agree! And, with recreational-level training, your body doesn't wear out as fast, thank goodness! :) #letstalkdance
  53. @KwanzaaKid I know that's right! I'd love to hear how you answer that question at parties/events! lol ;) #letstalkdance
  54. A2:Twitter helped me connect to other dance educator in a way I hadn't before. Totally changed my outlook on my career goals! #letstalkdance
  55. @beccacat Yes!! I've been on Twitter since '09, & I've made some INCREDIBLE connections here, in the #dance world! #letstalkdance
  56. @ashanimfuko ask how much time they have lol or I just tell them who I'm working the event for (again rarely me lol) #letstalkdance
  57. @ivyalso Yes, another great benefit!! Dancing through pain is common, but not fun! #letstalkdance
  58. @ashanimfuko Twitter has given me the greatest access to new folks. I gotta thank my partner @ProJones22 for puttin me on! #letstalkdance
  59. @KwanzaaKid It's tough being a multi-talented, renaissance woman huh? lol ;) #letstalkdance
  60. @ashanimfuko A2: Twitter. Seems the most info is shared on there. Although I connect w/ @KoreshDance on Facebook & Tumblr. #letstalkdance
  61. @Escribana7 @KoreshDance Oh wait, I need to follow Koresh on Tumblr too! I'm not sure that I am currently. #letstalkdance
  62. @TapManMyers Hey Reggie!! Do you ever stop dancing/teaching dance? lol You are the hardest working man I know! #letstalkdance
  63. @KwanzaaKid Of course! That's why you keep doing it! You are blessing many people through your work! :) #letstalkdance
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  65. A2: For me, Facebook & Twitter have yielded an incredible ROI! In relationships, and dollars $$$$! #letstalkdance
  66. Q3: What site(s) are you not as active on, but want to become more active on in 2015? Why? #letstalkdance
  67. @BethMegill pt1) I was insecure to call myself a dance teacher & market myself like that bc I hadn't danced professionally. #letstalkdance
  68. A3: I am not as active on Instagram and not as active on tumblr. But, I may not want to increase my activity. May B 2 much #letstalkdance
  69. @ashanimfuko Q3: I'm adding a Twitter and Facebook page for my ballet blog. I think this will help it gain followers #letstalkdance
  70. @BethMegill I feel you Beth. It can get very overwhelming, very quickly!! Maybe less is more? #letstalkdance
  71. @BethMegill pt2)Meeting ppl I admired & had similar backgrounds gave me confidence 2 get hired at a studio & teach more ages #letstalkdance
  72. @BethMegill yea I've decided against Instagram on a personal level. Use it for plenty of clients, not myself #letstalkdance
  73. @beccacat @BethMegill Wow, Twitter did that?! That is awesome!! You didn't know how great you were, all along! #letstalkdance
  74. @ashanimfuko A3: 2015 will be 'branding' focused. I gotta do it. There is a new site called @Biosgraphy I'm exploring. #letstalkdance
  75. @Escribana7 @ashanimfuko I agree. As someone said before, it's important to make people feel a part of your journey. #letstalkdance
  76. @KwanzaaKid @BethMegill I consider that a challenge!! I am determined to get you on #Instagram in 2015!! lol #letstalkdance
  77. @Escribana7 @Biosgraphy I always love to hear that!! Time to go to the next level in 2015! ;) #letstalkdance
  78. @ashanimfuko @Biosgraphy is new & you had to pre-register to be first to take it for a test drive. #letstalkdance
  79. A3: I've already started actually, but, I'm upping my Google+ game. I slept on it a little in 2014, but no more! #letstalkdance
  80. @ashanimfuko hahahahaha oh lord now you sound like my homegirls! Good luck with that and this stubborn Capricorn @BethMegill #letstalkdance
  81. @Eccentric_bee YES! #Instagram is such a powerful social platform! Dancers w/ a strategy, & great content do great on there! #letstalkdance
  82. @KwanzaaKid @BethMegill It's okay, I'm very determined & persistent. Us Aquarians are very convincing too!! lol #letstalkdance
  83. @ashanimfuko I want to be more active on Youtube, I don't have many videos up of my craft as I would like to. #letstalkdance
  84. @Eccentric_bee #YouTube is a MUST for every dance artist/brand! Non-negotiable!! The opportunities are endless!;) #letstalkdance
  85. @ashanimfuko A4: Very grateful for my friends & family. Also for my extended dance family/supporters @KoreshDance & beyond. #letstalkdance
  86. Need to say goodnight! Great re-connecting! see you next week! #letstalkdance
  87. @ashanimfuko Q4: I'm thankful for the opportunities I've been given for dance writing over the past year. #letstalkdance
  88. A4) I'm thankful for my hip's new trick (6 months post surgery) CrissCrossApplesauce!  #letstalkdance http://t.co/D1kL8UJLVB
    A4) I'm thankful for my hip's new trick (6 months post surgery) CrissCrossApplesauce! #letstalkdance pic.twitter.com/D1kL8UJLVB
  89. @ivyalso So am I Rachel! That's how I connected with you! Your blog posts are very enlightening & helpful. :) #letstalkdance
  90. A4: Supportive family + friends - dance teachers I admire & trust - the chance to create my dreams in this amazing city! #letstalkdance
  91. @healthydancer1 It was sooo great to chat w/ you again tonight Diana! Congrats again on the upcoming book! #letstalkdance
  92. @ashanimfuko Thanks so much Ashani! And I'm glad I connected with you too! Thanks for sharing my writing! :) #letstalkdance
  93. A4: I'm thankful for my health, my family, & God's very unpredictable, yet exciting & rewarding plan for my life! #letstalkdance
  94. @ivyalso You're very welcome! Please stay in touch! Have a blessed evening! #letstalkdance
  95. Thanks so much everyone for joining the chat tonight! Have a blessed & successful week, & keep on dancing! ;) #letstalkdance
  96. @ashanimfuko I will Ashani! You have a blessing evening too! And thanks for hosting this chat tonight :) Goodnight everyone! #letstalkdance
  97. @ashanimfuko I'm thankful for the ability to share my passion and to all who helped as well as those who did not/could not! #letstalkdance
  98. @Nessalovesart Thank you! We have to stick together! We can do so much more when we support one another! #letstalkdance
  99. @Escribana7 Thank YOU!! It was my pleasure! Great chatting with you tonight, & I will not forget to smile! :) Be blessed! #letstalkdance
  100. @Eccentric_bee Yes! They are all a part of the journey! We have to be thankful for it all! :) #letstalkdance