Homeless Man In Columbus Has A Golden Radio Voice

Using Storify to keep track of updates about a local homeless man whose story went viral this week. Updates are roughly chronological (newest information is at the bottom).


  1. The story begins with a video shot about six weeks ago by Columbus Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth (now updated multiple times). In the video, a local panhandler named Ted Williams is found to have the gift of a "Golden Radio Voice". 

    The Dispatch originally posted the video on their website on Monday, January 3.
  2. Later that day, an anonymous user posted the video to YouTube. As of about 10 am on Tuesday, January 4, this video had about 300 views. Now, about a day later, it had over 6 million views.

    UPDATE (noon, 1/7): The video had over 11 million views before being removed by YouTube after the Dispatch filed a copyright claim.

    (I'm leaving the original video link here to preserve its spot in the original timeline of events. Other users have, of course, already begun to re-post the video on YouTube)

    UPDATE (5 pm, 1/7): The Dispatch has created an "official" YouTube channel and has re-posted the original video here.
  3. Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (Updated-2)
  4. The Hudson St. exit on I-71 where Williams was approached by Dispatch videographer Doral Chenoweth (google maps).
  5. Around 10:30 am I started to see a lot of tweets and facebook updates from friends locally. I later posted it myself.
  6. And several friends retweeted it.
  7. A conversation thread starts on Reddit. As of 1:30 pm on Jan. 5, a number of members of the Reddit community have offered their help in one form or another.
  8. A couple of Reddit users even launched a site to raise money to help Williams.

    Update (1/7, 2 pm): The Reddit users are having trouble getting the money they raised to Williams and may have to refund it.
  9. A little after noon on Tuesday, the video hit Gawker.
  10. and eventually CNN.
  11. By mid-afternoon, local radio station WNCI invites him to be on their morning show.
  12. Late Tuesday night, Roger Ebert posts this video on his blog and also tweets it.
  13. On Wednesday morning, Ted Williams is on the CBS Early Show.
  14. And then appears on local radio station WNCI's morning show, receiving a number of offers for help. (skip to 4:35)