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Small Business Tools for Pinterest Marketing

Part 3 of our series of articles to help small businesses leverage Pinterest more effectively. In this section we provide a resources you need about tools that will make you a Expert Pin-Head Marketer


  1. Appstorm's "Ten Tools for your Pinterest Toolbelt" is a good start to learn about the variety of different third party tools that have been created to help use Pinterest more effectively.  Of the 10 pay particular attention to "Pinstamatic" a free tool that lets you pin a variety of new content to your boards, not just images.  Include entire websites, spotify tracks and more.  For those of you who like to track your online marketing "Pin Reach" is one of the easier analytic tools that provides data on both your pinterest site as well as TRENDS on pinterest overall.
  2. HongKiat's post "7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know" includes several of the tools discussed in Appstorm, but gives a lot more detail about them and includes several new ones including "Pin-A-Quote" that lets you post quotes directly to Pinterest by highlighting AND Pin Puff a tool to let you measure your "Pinfluence" on the site.
  3. Finally, Kissmetric's 103 Resources for Becoming a Pinterest Expert.  This one is not for the faint of heart and an article you will want to be able schedule some "quality time" to review.  But if you want to really understand all the tools, resources and guides out there to make you a Pinning Pro...Kissmetric's ultimate resource guide is for you.
  4. Great resource from Marketing On Pinterest a blog site that covers "All Things Pinterest Marketing"!  Jason Miles has done a great job of pulling Pinterest marketing information into one spot for small businesses.  No matter what you want to know about Pinterest, you will find it here.  Worth book marking or putting into your favorite reader.  It is ON MINE!
  5. From the Twittersphere...lots of resources for Pinterest are out there for specific markets.  Here is one for music marketing.  Can you find tools specific to your industry?