The Rise and Fall of Note 7

The journey of controversial Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from its inception till its deception

  1. The Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung had unveiled Note 7 on August 2, 2016.
  2. The phone had attracted millions of people worldwide because of its iris scanner feature that that can detect users eyes and let them into phone in fraction of seconds.
  3. The pre=-order and demand of the phone was huge in several countries that most of them had to wait for long time as the shipments were delayed due to shortage of stock
  4. But then The news broke out that Samsung delayed shipments due to testing
  5. On August 31st The the first report was published on Samsung Note 7 Exploding.
  6. On 2, September 2016, Consumerists reported that Samsung had announces “Product Exchange Program"
  7. Further, Samsung Decided to recall the Note 7 in USA
  8. Samsung to Recall Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Over Reports of Fires | samsung galaxy note 7 recall
  9. The users by then had already started posting on social media about the their device getting exploded
  10. What was more disaster is that the exchanged product also were defective as there were cases of the handset catching fire. Samsung further Had to scrap the production of Note 7.
  11. Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7
  12. The stocks of Samsung Fell Significantly and Samsung suffered huge loss
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